„Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own,
and to return to his country.”





Opportunities for victims of human trafficking for starting their lives anew.

Reintegration means restoring, re-establishing, reinstating something.

For victims of human trafficking, this means returning to their free, self-supporting, independent lives, and becoming active contributors and participants of society. But the road leading there is usually rugged and cumbersome. Victims of human trafficking often face a sense of having been released from their captors and exploiters only to feel empty, without a firm spot in the world to rely on. They do not know how to go on, what to engage themselves in. They are afraid for their families and loved ones, so for some time afterwards, they do not take the risk of contacting or visiting them.

But even so, there is help.

Our facilities, operating within the framework of our program, offer the following kinds of assistance:

  • help with managing the administration of matters related to social services and with other kinds of official interactions (applying for missing or lost documents, contacting a victim support service, maintaining communications with the police forces)
  • supplying information and advising victims
  • providing temporary accommodation with the involvement of a social work professional
  • help with finding and maintaining employment (searching for a job, writing a CV, preparation for applying for a job, providing motivation)
  • our foundation operates several trade schools and vocational instruction facilities all through the country, which secures an opportunity for the victim to acquire an additional (or possibly one’s first) trade qualifications, which facilitates reintegration into society
  • supportive conversations
  • securing advice on life management, mental health care, help in life management
  • assisting and organizing access to health care services
  • organizing small group sessions for the residential community
  • assistance in gaining a foothold outside of our facilities (help in finding a room to rent, contacting those capable of being natural supports for the victim, help in transporting movables to the new address, contacting the support organizations in charge at the new locality)