„Everyone has the right to life,
liberty and security of person.”

Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid) provides services on diff erent levels for victim assistance in its Anti-Trafficking Department. We help to rescue and safely transport victims and assist them through rehabilitation until reintegration. We provide accommodation at shelter houses, do low threshold services and monitor our reintegrated victims. Our organization has expert social workers in almost every county of Hungary. Our employees are with our clients from the moment they are rescued, they provide them with psychosocial assistance, and help them process offi cial businesses (health, social welfare and legal issues at court, police, etc). HBAid employees are well experienced in long term practical assistance for victims and actively help to provide the best services to fulfill the victims’ needs.

Forms of Assistance

1. Safe transportation and escort of victims
2. Crisis Intervention
3. Rehabilitation
4. Shelters/Safe-Houses
5. Low threshold services
6. Other institutes

1. Safe Transport and Escort

Hungarian Baptist Aid starts its assistance with rescuing the victims and with their operative escort. We have our own developed protocol about the operative escort of the victims which is implemented by professionals. Our organization’s outstanding role in the rescue of the victims and their operated escort became stronger by collaborating with the National Police Headquarters. Hungarian Baptist Aid receives and manages the calls from the police, and calls filtered by prior reconciliation in continuity preparedness, and helps with the repatriation, rescue, operated escort of the victims inland and from foreign lands, and allocation to temporary accommodation. As required we can undertake to train how to rescue the victims, and operate their escort by our professional staff.

2. Crisis

HBAid provides a temporary facilitation for crisis intervention, we examine the mental and bodily health conditions of the victim and complete a risk assessment. As a result of the assessment, we decide what kind of personalized assistance a victim needs. There is an office with several specialized social workers belonging to the crisis intervention center to work effectively with the victims.

3. Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of the victims of human trafficking is a long process. The victims need assistance in sanitary, social, occupational, psychological, and environmental rehabilitation, which helps the damaged victims reintegrate into society, with physical and mental safety. The aim of the coordinated and personalized medical, social, psychological and occupational actions is to help the victims to be full-fledged persons again.

4. Accommodation

After being rescued, safely transported, and assessed for risks, we accommodate victims at one of our shelters. We have numerous options for sheltering victims in diff erent parts of Hungary. Our shelters provide complete service procedures of rehabilitation and re/integration while hosting our clients. We launched one of our new shelters with the support of the Ministry of Human Resources in 2013. We host women independently and mothers with their children there as well. We opened our transition home for women in the framework of LUCIA Project in the summer of 2014, for those victims who are already rehabilitated and are only one step from being completely independent.

5. Low Threshold Services

The low threshold services can help victims who don’t want to use the option of a shelter or for whom danger no longer threatens. The service makes it possible for the colleagues of Hungarian Baptist Aid to accompany the victim with a mentoring activity. Our foundation has professionals all around the country. Our colleagues accompany and assist the victims from the very beginning of the process.

6. Other Capacities to Assist Special Casessegitseg_szövegbe_cut

  • Mothers’ home
  • Family Transition Homes (4 homes)
  • Small apartments
  • Transition homes for migrants (80 people capacity)
  • Transition homes for 20 people
  • Homes for drug addicts (2 homes, male/female)
  • Daily assistance locations for drug addicts (2)
  • Mobile street drug addict assistance
  • Institutions for psychiatric patients (2)