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„Everyone who works has the right to just and favourable remuneration ensuring for himself
and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented,…””





Are you having troubles finding a job in Hungary?
You aren’t satisfied with your salary?
Did you get a promising job offer from abroad?
You found a great advertisement in the newspaper?

Be careful! Not everything is what it seems!

Advices to consider for employees!

  • Don’t look for job offers in free newspapers! No one who needs a professoinal will look for labor in places like that!
  • Don’t apply for job offers which occur several times in newpapers or ads!
  • The wording and the content of the ad says a lot about the employer. Don’t apply for an offer that is full of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • The ads that don’t ask for minimal knowledge of a foreign language are very dangerous!
  • Avoid those ads which include unrealistic offers! For example: Job offers where they don’t expect knowledge of language or qualification but they offer potential for high income. Masseur, baby sitter, agricultural worker, housekeeping, nurse…
  • Do not take a job that offers unrealistically high income!
  • Before you accept a job offer, make sure that the employer is a real person. You can do this on the internet.
  • If the employer asks for money for any reason when you apply for a job, then don’t accept that job offer!
  • Accept the job only if you have money for travelling!
  • Always use the help of an interpreter when contracting! Make sure that the contract contains the same details that you have agreed on before.
  • When accepting a job abroad, always inform the consulate about the details of your travel, i.e. destination, time of arrival, and conditions of the job. Don’t leave your country without knowing the phone number of the consulate.
  • Don’t give out your official documents to anyone, not even for administration! Always keep you phone with you and do not give it to anyone!
  • Never ask for a debit/credit card for an open bank account, insist on using an interpreter for administration.
  • Make sure that there is someone who calls you in certain intervals to check up on you. Agree a upon a certain word or phrase that can be used as a sign if you’re in trouble and need help!
  • Within the EU 112 is the integrated emergency phone number.mire_figyeljek2_cut
Example (This is a real ad):

Are you looking for a job? Perhaps you would like to work
in England? Apply now! This is a great opportunity!
The english company Train4 work is looking for
waitresses, chefs, kitchen assistants, and caregivers.
Start work now, we offer free bank account, we can take care of
your NI number. Apply now so you won’t miss out this
great opportunity! Send your CV to the following e-mail
Don’t let this opportunity pass by!
or call 06 30 348 22 59.