„Jeder hat Pflichten gegenüber der Gemeinschaft, in der allein die freie und volle
Entfaltung seiner Persönlichkeit möglich ist.”





Two-day Professional Training in Győr

A joint two-day professional training event was organized for March 31st and April 1st, 2014, together with the experts of the Austrian peer organization for professionals (policemen, consuls, lawyers, social workers, psychologists, members of healthcare staff) working in this or related fields with the objective of setting up a network of professionals. The necessity of holding the training event for the professionals involved is also borne out by the needs formulated in the 2013-2016 National Strategy Against Human Trafficking, approved by the Government of Hungary in 2013. Participants of the training received a full-scale picture of the situation of the victims, of the hardships they encounter and the treatment they receive. Our experts demonstrated the reasons for victimization and the low social and existential situation of potentially endangered groups. There were workshops, where the procedure for handling different cases was explained to the participants, and they also had the opportunity to work out these in practice. They were acquainted with the best practices of our Austrian partner organization, LEFÖ, for rehabilitating and integrating victims. The organization also presented an overall picture of their work, as well as of the Austrian referral mechanism. Victims will also be able to reach the participants later on, and they will maintain a contact with Baptist Aid’s Centre Against Human Trafficking, as well.

Vocational Day for Child Protection Professionals

On May 7th, staff members of Baptist Aid involved in the struggle against human trafficking held a whole-day vocational event for those working in child protection. Participants could hear about the situation concerning human trafficking in Hungary and the activities performed by Baptist Aid in this field, as well as the process of victimization. Besides these, we discussed the work going on in the protected houses and the practical experience we acquired in helping victims. The afternoon program consisted of a forum discussion, case studies conducted in groups, and jointly viewing the film about human trafficking, entitled On the Highway of Broken Dreams. The participants deemed the whole-day event to be very useful, and they find it important for prevention to begin as soon as possible among children exposed to potential victimization.

Child and Victim Protection at the Police

The Crime Prevention Department of The National Police (ORFK) organized a professional training for local expert refrees of child and victim protection country-wide from 3-5 December. The program was called „Child and Victim Protection at the Police”.

The role of the civil organization on preventing victimology had a specialy emphasysed part of the three-day training.

The civil sphere was represented by the Hungarian Baptist Aid on 5 December. The activities on assisting and preventing of the Organization was introduced by Agnes De Coll to the experts of the Police.